Growing Thatching Materials

KS Thatchers aim for 100% commitment to quality, which reflects our customers’ pride in their investment in their property. To ensure our clients satisfaction in their new roof continues for many years after installation, meticulous attention is paid to the quality of the raw material from the outset.

The premature failure of thatched roofs is a direct result of poor production methods, the use of artificial fertilisers and mass produced materials.
— Government-funded study

At KS Thatchers we pay detailed attention to every stage of the production of the Wheat Straw – the basic material used in most thatching applications. We have full control of the production of the straw which is grown on prime local farmland in Kings Somborne, Hampshire. 

Only natural organic fertilisers are used and we closely monitor every stage of the planting, growing, harvesting and storage of the crop.

Our aim, and indeed our achievement, is to produce a product of durability and excellence of quality, even at the expense of quantity. The life expectancy of one of our Wheat Straw roofs would be between 25 and 35 years.

Ensuring the continuity of traditional crafts, locally sourced hazel spars are used, although the use of plastic spars is becoming increasingly popular.

We welcome you to contact KS Thatchers and make an appointment to view our production methods on a farm and hear first-hand the story of how we grow our Wheat Straw.

Please pass on my thanks to all your boys for lovely work – the summerhouse looks fantastic.
— Customer in Goodworth Clatford