KS Thatchers - Residential Re-Thatch

A family-owned business, now on the second generation of Master Thatchers.

Established in 1976, the family behind KS Thatchers have accumulated nearly 70 years of experience in every aspect of roof thatching. We are a trusted supplier with a commitment to quality of service, right from the production of the straw to the final detailing of the thatching job.

Based in Kings Somborne, in the heart of the Test Valley, we offer an excellent and efficient thatching service to Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire and West Sussex.

Master Thatcher

KS Thatchers, Master Thatcher can help with all your thatching services. Specialists in re-thatching, we are also experienced in all sizes of new thatching construction projects, including smaller buildings such as thatch bus shelters, thatch summer houses and duck houses. KS Thatchers are experienced with work on chimneys and windows as well as roof structures, should you require any extra work done as part of the overall job.

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Residential properties
  • Barn conversions
  • Barn Renovations
  • Garden houses
  • Fishing lodges & huts
  • Gazebos

We also reconstruct thatch ridges and undertake small or major thatch repair and maintenance work.

Thatching Materials

KS Thatchers grow all our own thatching materials on local farmland of which we have had control over for the past thirty years.

Over many years we have cultivated the land to produce the best quality thatching materials specifically for our region.

We pay detailed attention to the production of our Wheat Straw – the basic thatching material used in our operations – using time-tested traditional methods.

We only use natural organic fertilisers from local farms in the ground preparation, ensuring an environmentally friendly, locally stable product. We closely monitor every stage of the planting, growing, harvesting and storage of the crop ensuring we  produce a high quality and durable thatch product. 

Thatching Services

Incorporating traditional values and time honoured thatching methods, we are dedicated to providing a first-class job with minimum inconvenience to our customers.
We will arrange a suitable date with you for starting the job and will give a realistic contract time, committing ourselves to meeting deadlines at every stage of the project.
Our craftsmen will leave the site clean and tidy and ensure the roof is protected from inclement weather during the contract period.

  • Full or partial rethatch
  • Re-ridging
  • Netting re-wiring
  • Storm, fire, pest or water Damage
  • Thatch Survey
  • Roof carpentry and chimney rebuild
  • General Thatching advice
  • Advice on fire protection

I would like to say just how delighted my wife and I are with the work your team did to our thatch renewing the ridging. The design and quality are quite outstanding. We would also like to say how delightful your team are and what a pleasure it was to have them working for us and re-iterate their efficiency and the quality of their work.
— Customer in Awbridge